Pauline Read Falsely Accused of Making Akfinans Bank/Gary Robb Link

WITHOUT PREJUDICE How many times will I accidentally happen on articles in the Turkish language news media.

Here is another example. It seems I am again being accused wrongly.

If my understanding of this is correct, I am accused of suggesting there is a connection between Gary Robb or Aga fame and the ***DELETED*** Bank. I categorically deny such a charge. For the record, let me make it perfectly clear, as far as I am aware there is NO connection whatsoever between ***DELETED*** Bank and Gary Robb or Aga Development Limited.

As I stated the relationship exists in between Talat Kursat and Gary Robb as demonstrated in the report issued by the UK Courts system on the 30/03/2012. It is also a matter of public record that in the Onay Belgesi dated 06/02/2009 which state clearly that Akan Kursat held 581 shares in Aga Development Limited and Gary Robb held 59,419 shares with a value of 1,000000 YTL per share.

That the legal firm of Talat Kursat represent the ***DELETED*** Bank in their case against Kulaksiz 5 in ongoing court cases is also a matter of public knowledge.

I have not, nor do I suggest any impropriety because of that relationship. I feel that I am owed an apology for this suggestion both by ***DELETED*** Bank and the Bank official named in this article.

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