Karmi/Robb TRNC Auction | Expats to Lose Homes – 3 Days to go

And now there were three. Just three days before the Auction of the Karmi/Robb properties, the Auction that will finally KILL the dreams that the purchasers dared to dream. The AUCTION that will cause permanent homelessness to two sets of British purchasers despite the idle boast of the Minister of the Interior Mr Nazim Cavusogu. Both couples bought these so called luxury villas with a view to moving in and making them HOME. Both couples have been forced to rent temporary accommodation to await the finish of their homes, both couples have waited in vain. It is disingenuous in the extreme for Mr Nazim Cavusogu to claim to make no one homeless.

Each and every one bought what they thought would be their dream home in North Cyprus and each and every time YOU allow even one to go under the hammer YOU and the Government allow someone to become homeless and even worse, you ALLOW them to be mentally tortured and further financially exploited by the legal system that did not protect them initially. Shame on you, shame on the Government each and every one of them. When you all lay your heads on your pillows in YOUR home tonight, spare a thought for all of those who will never enjoy that privilege and ask yourself “why did we allow it to happen?” Your collective consciences will never be clear until you act to right this wrong, and ensure it stops. This obvious violation of purchasers Human Rights is an outrage in the 21st century.

Gary Robb has brought shame on his own country, robbed his fellow countrymen and women, robbed Turkish Cypriots and other foreign nationals and the Government of the day made it possible. Why did they allow a known felon to even do business in our North Cyprus? Why did they give the greatest honour of CITIZENSHIP to a known felon on the run from Britain? Why did they allow him a safe haven, to do this terrible thing? Why do they ignore the Turkish Cypriots who aided him in these crimes and not make them accountable too? Does it matter which Government allowed this, no, because it is up to the present Government to stop it, if we cannot look to those voted into power to rule and protect the people, where can we look?

The windowless villa in the attached photo was to be be Helen and Graham’s home. They both become very emotional when they see it for very obvious reasons. Probably the same reason that Pauline Read weeps when she sees a photo of her home that the Bank now live in. These were their dreams that through no fault of theirs have become their nightmares.

Be at the Auction on the 6th May 2012, it starts at 10.00 am but be early. Wear clothes appropriate for a funeral with black arm bands, bring at least one flower to place at the site of this tragedy when yet again you will witness the unimaginable happening to innocent human beings. How can this be allowed to continue?

How ironic that a coffee shop opposite the Girne District Court should be the venue. Girne District Court, the place where so many of looked for justice but did not find it. This may be lawful, but justice… no way. God will be the final judge and His justice reigns supreme.

Pandora S. Box

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