Karmi/Robb TRNC Auction | “Who cares?” – 4 days to go

Just four short days away, another blemish on the reputation of the property sector of North Cyprus.

Last night Pembe and Pauline of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group marched proudly alongside the hard working men and women of North Cyprus. The Opposition Party Leaders were easily recognised giving their support to the workers of North Cyprus, but the ruling Government, you guessed it, nowhere to be seen.

They allegedly had their lavish May Day picnic and bountifully handed out free kebabs. Whilst they enjoyed their holiday, did they spare a thought for the people of Lefkosa Beledeysi who had not been paid and could not even afford bread? Did they spare a thought for the victims of the property scams here in North Cyprus, did they spare a thought for the purchasers who will lose all their life’s savings if the abomination of the auction scheduled for the 6th of May goes ahead? Rhetorical questions, I’m alright Jack syndrome exists and prospers in the corridors of power in North Cyprus.

“Who cares?” was one of the slogans on the banner carried by Pembe and Pauline. Well who does? Clearly not the Ministry of the Interior whose Minister claimed no one has been made homeless since he has been in office. Oh really, I suppose that is an easy boast since most of the victims of the property scams have not been able to move in to the homes they have paid for since the out of control building industry has yet to finish, many year over the contract time. Now where do we place the blame? Certainly at the door of the unscrupulous builder, BUT who has encouraged them to act this way by allowing them to continue without penalty and without consequences?

Until the Government step up and take responsibility, nothing will change and the property sector will suffer.

Be at the auction on the 6th May, 9.30 for 10.00 a.m. The coffee shop opposite Girne District court. Wear a black arm band and bring at least one flower to place at the site. Gary Robb, Akan Kursat and all the Directors of Aga Construction Limited are the villains, the purchasers the innocent victims. Who cares – I do and hopefully so do you.

Pandora S Box

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