Kibris Gazetesi | Coverage of the Auctions in North Cyprus

Pembe and Pauline risked all today by going into the coffee shop opposite the Girne Court (where their friend the Bailiff hangs out) to check on the Auction situation. Two involving Turkish Cypriots had been cancelled, unfortunately the one they would really like cancelled is still set to go ahead on Sunday.

They have been contacting the press and the press have been contacting them. Hopefully Cyprus Star should be covering this travesty of justice tomorrow and Cyprus Today should have something on Saturday. Pauline emailed the press and her contact in the Union has sent out a press and media alert for Sunday. Unfortunately Pauline will not be able to attend due to the harassment she is at present experiencing. You all know about it. Please do not let that deter YOU. As long as you behave sensibly and do not cause any problems you are perfectly safe, whatever your nationality. You are after all only going to observe an auction. Admittedly this AUCTION is also a funeral for the property sector in North Cyprus.

Now for something a little more light hearted. Will you look at Pauline’s legs in this photo, she looks as if she is about to break into a cartwheel. It certainly wouldn’t surprise anyone, what is she like? This appeared in Thursday’s edition of Kibris Gazetesi, you will recall Pembe and Pauline were also on the front page. Kibris Gazetesi have certainly done Stop the Blackmail proud in terms of publicity. I think you will agree ‘our girls’ the Pesky Pair have also ‘done good’. Thanks go to John Good without whom none of this would have been possible.

Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group, the support group for all with property problems in North Cyprus. Join and see how you can help or be helped

Never give in never give up.

Pandora S Box


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