UK based Turkish Cypriot CTA ex-employees accuse TRNC government of being “inhumane”

We the undersigned ex-employees of KTHY London office, protest at what we perceive is the inhumane and negligent treatment shown towards us by our ex-employers, the government of Northern Cyprus.

Many of us have served KTHY in its London offices since its foundation in 1976.  We have been devoted employees who worked with full commitment to ensure our National Airline enabled Turkish Cypriots to travel to their homeland, whilst raising the profile of the Turkish Cypriot identity. So it saddens us that we have to endure such unjust treatment shown to us in an uncaring and indifferent manner. The fact that this treatment has been caused by our own Country’s Government has furthermore added to our distress.

Living amongst a reported 200,000 Turkish Cypriots resident in United Kingdom, we have not yet received any official help from TRNC, of which we too are citizens. At no time since the cessation of flights have we received any communication, explanations, information or offers of support from our ex employers, the ministry of transport. We were left in a limbo land of chaos, unable to support our angry and mis-informed passengers, unable to get any answers or communication from our government, just left to try and help our people in the best way that we could without ANY support or information. At no point was any serious effort made, by our government or the minister concerned, to save the airline, it makes us wonder WHAT really lies behind their actions.

Over the years we have helped to carry hundreds of thousands of our citizens and tourists with our national carrier to our country – a country unrecognised by the rest of the world. In the United Kingdom we have done everything in our power to further and enhance the image and reputation of our country’s tourism. Despite the embargoes in place we  managed to attend tourism exhibitions and promote our country in a positive way. We can hold our heads high knowing that we have shown to the public of Great Britain, one of the Guarantor countries who have historic ties with Cyprus, that there is a Turkish State in North Cyprus.

Despite our commitment and passion that has been shown for over 30 years we feel the TRNC has refrained from its fundamental duty of “protecting and providing for its citizens” when it comes to the UK contingent of the KTHY. Instead preferring to ignore our existence and leave us without even the courtesy of an explanation.

KTHY belongs to the State of the TRNC. The company is their own and of course they can do anything they want with it. They can shut it down, sell it and even give it as a gift to somebody.  However, only after handing over the entitled rights to the employees and other receivers.

Why is the State actively looking to create another airline when they have this obvious debt of decency to fulfill? Surely, only after ALL employees have had their rights honoured should the process of beginning a new airline begin? Or is the corruption, dishonesty and the misleading lies of the officials engrained so deep that even the Government believe that they are right?

Amongst those workers who have been let down by the state  are individuals who are newly married, some are due to retire, or were planning to build a family, owe money to their mortgages or rents, or whose children are studying. Some even left lucrative and stable jobs to join KTHY. Did our respectable Government Leaders even for one moment consider what would happen to these employees?

The State did not even reply to letters sent to them by over 30 concerned UK NGO groups  – Letters were sent to the Prime Minister on the 8th of July and the 7th of August – This indicates the ignorance and the indifference of the State in dealing with our concerns. Even civil society has been ignored on this issue. What chance did we have? We simply want to hear the answers to the questions we pose in this statement.

The public have a right to be informed about this difficult position that we are in and we ask the public to support us


KTHY UK employees

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