Conor O’Dwyer loses property case in south, buyers beware

Conor O’Dwyer has finally been told by the judge presiding over the Famagusta district court in Larnaca that his private case against Paralimni based Karayannas Developers has failed and that he will have to  pay all legal bills, which could amount to tens of thousands of pounds.

The developer, his son and an associate had already been convicted of actual bodily harm against Conor but were only given suspended sentences after they rammed his rental car and then savagely beat him so that he was hospitalised for several days.

Conor said that “my worst fears have come true,  a developer can keep your money and never deliver your house, then if they want they can re-sell it. Our contract is in the Land Registry and someone else is in our house, it’s that simple.”

Conor’s lawyer was using  section 303A of the Cyprus penal code in the prosecution, something never used before in property cases. Article 303A states that: “any person who, with intent to defraud, deals in immovable property belonging to another is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for seven years.”

Lawyer Yiannos Georgiaides, acting for Conor, confirmed that an appeal against the ruling will be launched on the basis that there had been a clear error of law. He pointed to existing Supreme Court legislation which states that as soon as a contract is filed with the Land Registry, the buyer is the legal owner of the property.

“We will appeal against the decision of the judge in this private prosecution because we believe it is against existing Cyprus law and could give the wrong messages to investors from abroad that in Cyprus their rights are not protected by buying property even if they file the contract of sale with the land registry.”

Well, it looks as if Cypriots are already united in one area of their lives – property scams.


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