TRNC Property Victims | “Government for the Elite by their Cronies”

You will remember that the Auction scheduled to take place on the 27th November 2011 was stopped because of the efforts of the Stop the Blackmail Committee and the help we  demanded from Ersin Tatar and the head of the Estate Agents Association.  For the record, the Census took place on the 4th December 2011.

Two of the victims attended a meeting with us at the Ministry of the Interior.  We were promised that the Ministry would look at the site with a view to a compulsory purchase order being placed on the land by the Government. As usual, these were just promises followed by NO action.  I was also encouraged by the Head of the Estate Agents Association to make a formal application to the Resolution Committee of the TRNC. A group of people who are obliged to look at the application  and reach a decision as to whether the the applicant is being treated fairly.  It is not a legal decision, but if it goes in favour of the applicant, it can be used as evidence in court and we were told, carries a great deal of weight.  I did that, I paid to have it translated, I submitted it via the Estate Agent’s Association and never even received an acknowledgement.

It seems to me that this is a common practice here, having you run around like a blue ass fly and whilst you are doing that,  give them time to continue in the way they always intended. Government for the people by the people allegedly becomes Government for the elite by their cronies.
The Karmi site has four houses at varying stages of build on it, one just at the footings stage, others more developed.  One couple has parted with £143 000 plus expenses, plus legal expenses for trying to get justice.  Another purchaser has parted with just over £51,000 plus similar expenses to the first couple. The landowner, will benefit from this  Auction, his villa promised for the land has not been started. It is reported that the landowner was to have a villa to the value of £350 000 in return for the land.  Is it me, or does that seem an expensive price to pay for this land? The landowner also claims that he advanced materials to the value of $200 000 to Robb. Is it me, or does that seem a very questionable claim under the circumstances?  We are led to believe that the landowner is a very astute business person. Is it me or does it seem that this was a foolish, or convenient, arrangement for the landowner to have made with Robb? Is it me, or does there seem to be a very old kipper buried somewhere in this scheme?
The Ministry of the Interior are claiming they will make no one homeless. They are not claiming they will not make anyone penniless. They still miss the big picture, AUCTIONING properties where only the landowner/creditor/bank will benefit is unfair and unjust. How dare they just think they can just ‘wipe off’ the savings of the purchasers to pay off the creditor by selling the current or future homes of innocent victims.  It may be legal in the TRNC but it bears no resemblance to justice.
Auction:  6th May 2012 – Coffee Shop opposite Girne District Court 9.30 a.m. for 10.00 a.m.  Mourning attire +black armband and at least one flower.
If you care, be there.
Never give in, never give up.
Name and address supplied
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