North Cyprus Property Victims | Comparing Kulaksiz 5 with Polly Peck

So the half way stage has been reached in the Azil Nadir case.  Amazing  that a trial of this magnitude is at its half way stage yet the trials and tribulations of Kulaksiz 5 trundle on and on and on and on…

There are other very significant differences too.  Mr Nadir is generously being helped with his legal costs from the public purse of the legal aid system. Ironic when you think this is a man whose wealth is legendary. Contrast that with the Kulaksiz 5 and so many other victims of the TRNC. Having had their properties mortgaged by a third party, they not only stand to lose these properties in which most invested every penny they had saved over a lifetime of working, they now have to fund their own legal action when clearly they are victims of criminal fraud. Instead of facing criminal prosecution the authors of their misery are taking the moral high ground and even accusing the victims of doing wrong. Only in the TRNC. The victims have done nothing wrong, whereas Mr Nadir stands accused of the biggest fraud in British history.  Mr Nadir gets financial help to try to prove his innocence, the Kulaksiz 5 who are undoubtedly the innocents are having to borrow money to defend their homes against their tormentors.

Now we read that the Ministry of the Interior say Auctions will continue BUT they will make no-one homeless.  Very big of them considering that the reason most owners are not living in their homes is because they have already been duped.  Now the Government intend to aid and abet in duping them for a second time.  It seems the needs of the creditors of the duplicitous landowners/builders and banks are greater than the needs of the wronged, the victims of criminal fraud.  How very strange.  Still I am not surprised at these actions when I hear what lurks in corners at the Ministry.

I shake my head in disbelief.


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