Stop the Blackmail Group Demand North Cyprus Government Halt Property Auctions

The plot as they say ‘thickens’. What plot you might ask? There are so many in the TRNC that I can well understand the question, but this plot I am referring to concerns the Auction scheduled to take place on Sunday the 27th November 2011 at 10.00 am at the coffee shop opposite Girne District Court.

My sources tell me that the landowner allowed Mr. Robb to develop his land in return for a house being built on this land to the value of £350,000. That would have been some luxury pad the landowner was having built, presumably at the expense of Mr Robb; if not, why else would the landowner allegedly have transferred over 5/6th shares of this land to Mr Robb so that Mr Robb could build further properties to sell and keep the profit.

On the face of it, it sounds like a pretty normal arrangement. Certainly such arrangements were being entered into on a frequent basis at that time.

Now here is the part of this deal I am having trouble coming to terms with. The landowner also alleges he advanced building materials and/or supplies in the sum of $200,000. Was the landowner a yapi market owner, was he a building supplies merchant? So here we have a landowner who had agreed to receive a house to the value of £350,000. My sources also allege that the landowner did not receive a completed, or even nearly completed, house and yet he went on to supply $200,000 worth of materials/supplies to a man who was already reneging on the original agreement. You can see where I am going with this, it does not really add up, now does it? What does, when you throw Mr Robb into any mix?

Should the fraud squad be looking at this case? Before you ask, yes there is one.

The true owners of the properties at Karaman/Karmi are now living under constant stress, fearful of the outcome of the Auction on the 27th if the Government allows it to go ahead. Not unnaturally, having been duped once, they wonder if there is a connection with Robb and if he is behind this anathema. Who can blame them? Certainly not all his victims of Aga Development Limited.

Recently, in Cyprus Today, Mrs Aga Robb claimed that her husband was a victim too. Well Mrs Robb, you might garner a little more sympathy if you were not comfortably ensconced in your property, purchased allegedly from the hard earned savings of many of Mr Robb’s victims. One question I would like to ask, is there a mortgage, memorandum or any form of encumbrance on the Robb family home in the TRNC?

We at Stop the Blackmail call on the Government to intervene in this auction and to carry out full investigation or Government enquiry into all Auctions and Bank loans on properties already Contracted to and paid for by innocent purchasers.

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