One year after the Lefkosa Peaceful, Silent Candlelit Vigil – Property Problems Worsen

A year ago to the day, but not the date, that will be tomorrow, property victims defied the odds and actually took part in a Peaceful, Silent Candlelit Vigil.

Having tried without success to mount this vigil to coincide with the Protest being held outside the Turkish Embassy in London on the 4th October and after much effort and not a little plotting and planning, the Vigil finally took place and was led by a Turkish Cypriot. The foreigners living here were not allowed to take part, but were allowed to be ‘onlookers’ across the road from the roundabout where brave Turkish Cypriot victims and supporters went ahead with the Vigil.

It is hard to believe that in the 21st century that the Turkish Cypriot Government would not allow foreigners to exercise their right under the Constitution and also under the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Why do the present Government so fear a group of old people telling them “you are wrong to allow blatant violation of our Human Rights”? My theory is that they know we are right, but do not know what to do about it.

So what has changed in one year. The simple answer is many things and all of them making the situation worse.

Emboldened by the fact that the there were no consequences when they illegally repossessed my villa, Akfinans Bank Limited have taken another using the same bully boy tactics. Who will forget that ‘bum’ going through the window?

The courts allegedly appear to be coming out on the side of the Bank, the same Judge having heard three cases involving the K5 and is now hearing a fourth. The Bank are following the same route as always, allegedly making the lives of those who live on site a misery. Kib-tek are allegedly being asked to disconnect the supply of electricity on a monthly basis even though the bills are being paid, allbeit at the inflated Builders’ Tariff. In most civilsed countries all such action would cease until the final outcome of court cases had been arrived at.

Those people still in the mortgage queue must be worried about when their Bank will strike. We have the spectre of yet another Auction scheduled to take place on the 27th November 2011. This time the victims are those of that well known felon Gary Robb.

Robb is perhaps most well known through his building company Aga Development Limited where he held the major shareholding alongside his fellow shareholder Akan Kursat, equally well known as the Advocate acting for Akfinans Bank Limited, and here we turn full circle and come back to the Kulaksiz 5, it all begins to look so incestuous and you really could not make it up.

Will the Gvernment have a change of heart?

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