TRNC government’s inaction fuels the North Cyprus Property Fraudsters

So here I still am banging on about lack of fairness in the Justice system here in the TRNC, lack of interest in the welfare and well-being of those of us who have been cheated and ill treated in the TRNC and what do I find I was writing about this time last, yes, you’ve got it. The self same thing.

TRNC governments refusal of peaceful silent candlelit vigil is illegal

The saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same,” attributed to a French man Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr (1808-1890), could have been penned especially for the TRNC. I suspect that if I look back a further twleve months, I was banging on about the injustice here too. God forbid that in twelve months from now I will still be writing about it.

So what has to happen before the Government actually sit up and take notice? Before they realise that things cannot ‘stay the same’? Will it be an election? Will it be the world watching the Kulaksiz 5 being dragged out of their homes? Will it be someone eventually losing it completely and doing the unthinkable? I do not know the answer, but any rational, thinking and feeling human being can see ‘something will have to give’.

I have brought back this old article for two reasons: 1) it is as true now as when I first wrote it, 2) it is an article that has been read almost 3000 times.

If you have a property problem, if you have a friend or family with a property problem, if you care about justice – join STOP THE BLACKMAIL IN NORTH CYPRUS Facebook Group.

Never give in – Never give up.

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