Bargain Hunters – a new forum for those who are looking for bargains

Being a pensioner with a fixed and not too generous income, I am always looking for bargains. So, I thought, what if I am not alone and there are a few others out there the same? This thought led to me creating a forum at CPG Bargain Hunters full of bargains that I and others like me have found. These bargains are to be found in both the UK and Cyprus. For example how about wine that is the nearest in taste to White Zinfandel as you can find for sale in North Cyprus at around £1.25 a bottle? In the UK how about a free bacon sarnie with a cup of tea, no purchase necessary?

Some of you may even have noticed that Christmas is fast approaching so how about making your budget stretch further by taking advantage of the bargains that will soon appear at CPG Bargain Hunters? Come along and join us and save money and help others by sharing the results of your Bargain Hunt.

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