NCFP Introduces a Buy & Sell Forum

You may have noticed a new button as shown below. This links you to the NCFP Buy & Sell Forum where you can sell stuff you don’t want any more, or even advertise your business for free to our 6000+ registered members.

The old 3Cyprus Forum was not particularly well used and so we thought we’d do two things here: focus on Buying & Selling but at the same time allow open ended banter in a Miscellaneous section. In this way perhaps we can take away some of the off-topic comments associated with articles which were meant only to discuss the topic introduced by that article and not to go “off on one”.

We’ll see if this new service is wanted and review it in 3 months time. Hope you don’t mind the Google Ads around the website which help to pay for the upkeep of NCFP through the per-click system that Google uses. We prefer this to asking for donations or charging for adverts as some forums do.

You can go straight to the forum, and register if you aren’t already a member of NCFP, by clicking BUY & SELL.

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