TRNC Attorney General Askan Ilgen Must Conduct Kulaksiz 5 Investigation

WITHOUT PREJUDICE today the Teachers Union hosted another Press Conference for me, and my colleagues Pembe and Husnu attended with me. The assembled press were made aware of the following:

On Friday the 6th April 2012 in the company of Husnu Kishi I hand delivered a formal Application to the Attorney General Mr. Askan Ilgen to conduct a full and impartial investigation into the acquisition of property known as the Kulaksiz 5 site. It is, and always has been my belief that this act was premeditated criminal fraud on the part of the Bank, the Builder and the Landowner.

As far back as the time of the Auction our Founding President the late Mr Rauf Denktas was of the same opinion and we have letters from him telling us he too had asked the Attorney General to act. My file, given in to the office of the Attorney General contained proof and I am sure a full investigation, if impartial, will reach the same conclusion as the late Mr Denktas, me and the rest of the Kulaksiz 5.

On the 30th March 2012, The British High Court legalised the interception of money being transferred between North Cyprus and Thailand. The money from an account of Aga Development Limited into the personal account of Gary Robb. The two shareholders in Aga Development are named as Gary Robb and Akan Kursat. The North Cyprus law firm of Talat Kursat in which Akan Kursat is partner, are named many times in this report as conspirators and facilitators of many fraudulent money transfers. Talat Kursat are also the legal representatives of Akfinans Bank Limited. I call on the Government of North Cyprus to fully investigate Aga Development and the remaining Directors and shareholders using this report from the UK High Court as their template.

The Auction of Robb property due to take place on the 27th November 2011 was stopped through the efforts of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group committee. Representation was made to Ersin Tatar, Finance Minister, on the evening his Directorship of Akfinans Bank Limited was made public in Parliament. Mr Tatar pledged his help in stopping the auction. Other high profile people also helped in getting the Tapu to issue a notice postponing this Auction. We now find out, purely by chance, that another date has been made to Auction this same property and none of our so called helpers have bothered to contact us. This Auction must be stopped, it is on Sunday 6th May 2012 and I call upon the Union and the Press to voice their disgust at this action.

The Press were made aware that the above all have one link in common, the name Kursat.

Pembe made the press aware of our visit to the Interior Ministry and the disturbing revelation of the potential 900 properties to be Auctioned in July and August 2012. Pembe also talked of her sorrow in that her own mother is a victim of this epidemic that is killing the property sector in this country.

The subject of the outrageous interest rate charged by Akfinans Bank Limited were mentioned again and one member of the press plainly just did not believe us. Fortunately, not only did we have the Judges decision of the 20 November 2008 to prove the 80% per quarter compound, but only recently I have managed to obtain a photocopy of the original loan agreement that proves the initial interest rate of 250%. The reporter was clearly shocked and amazed. I remember being the same when I first found out. What person in their right mind would sign a loan agreement with such a ridiculous interest rate. I personally do not believe that the Landowner who allegedly gave our land as security when he acted as Guarantor in this loan ever did PERSONALLY sign this document and I intend to add this charge with the evidence to the Attorney General as additional evidence of criminal fraud.

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