North Cyprus Property | “The Law is an Ass”

I could not resist sharing this with you. How appropriate since most of those sitting in Parliament would have been using this mode of transport in the past.

Many remarks meant to be insulting refer to this species. Silly ass… Remember the 5 Wisemen Committee who Ersin Tatar announced as the answer to the property problems, and then after one week, the committee decided it could not find legal solutions… really well what about Mortgage Law 11/78?

Then you have the saying ‘horse sense’, which is very inappropriate when you consider some of the things happening in the Parliament building and their relevant departments.

The old saying ‘as stubborn as a mule’. Well no, not appropriate since they change their minds too often to be accused of being stubborn. Stubborn gives the impression of someone who sticks to his guns, this lot could never be accused of that. Depending on who is asking, their minds are easily changed, also could it be dictated by the thickness of the ‘brown envelope’ not accusing of course, just asking the question?

Yanky doodle went to town, riding on a pony, they stuck a feather in his cap and called him macaroni. Anyone ever heard that on? A prize for anyone who can change the words a little and make it appropriate to North Cyprus.

Ann D Pandy

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