Fruits of an Illegal Act – both the TRNC and the RoC are illegal

It is argued that the TRNC is illegal because Turkey “invaded” and subsequently permanently occupied the northern part of Cyprus. Much is made of doctrines of international law which say that the fruits of aggression cannot be sanctioned and therefore the TRNC is illegal. It is assumed that aggression can only be war. However, contrary to this assumption, overthrowing a legitimate government is also an act of aggression.

In 1963, Greek Cypriots overthrew the legitimate government set up in 1960 and set up one which was constitutionally illegal. This is also compounded by Nikos Sampson with the aid of the Greek Guard overthrowing the 1963 government. Using the same international law which makes the TRNC illegal, the RoC in the southern part of Cyprus is therefore also illegal.

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