Stop the Blackmail – survey update

Some sites are more cohesive than others or have the other just given up?

Some patterns are becoming apparent from the initial returns of survey information. It would appear that the majority of the problems lie in Kocans with charges on them or no kocans because the original has charges on it.

There is a distinct absence of “welcome packs”, you know, the bottle of champagne and a bouquet of flowers along with the keys in a nice box and a list of helpful telephone numbers to ring if you should need anything. I don’t think there is a single incidence of that.

One site has responded with 100% participation thanks to all concerned and now we can really put a picture together as to the connivance between lawyer and builder and the system they used to “misinform” the customer. This could be a case for the fraud squad.  Remember if you have a complaint against your lawyer you must register it within six years of the event otherwise they escape because of the statute of limitations. If you were given a bond as surety for the building (as a gesture of good faith) and you still haven’t got your title deeds, check that your bond is not more than 5 years and 11 months old. If it is get it renewed as they expire after six years.

Other than that thanks to all who have contributed, please urge anyone and everyone you know who is affected by this problem to fill out the survey, not forgetting to name the builder.

The link to the survey for those who wish to partake.

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