Talat Kurşat Law Firm gets it right, at last

Out of interest and because Akan Kurşat is in the news at present, allegedly being a person of interest because his past association with Aga Development Limited, and he was in 2009 named a shareholder in this company holding 581 shares to Gary Robb’s 54,419 shares valued at 1,000,000 YTL per share at that time, I decided to look at the Website of Talat Kursat, the company in which he is a partner.

What a pleasant surprise, no claims of membership of ISO9001, it no longer contains claims of membership of the RoC or English Bars either.

Talat Kurşat claims to have studied law in England and was qualified from Middle Temple Inns and Court as a Barrister at law in 1973. Enquires made to confirm this actually could not, but since the date 1973 predates 1974 when, because of the troubles, there were a lot of name changes and clearly Mr. Talat may well have qualified in his previous name, a point made by the Middle Temple Inns when I enquired. Having never been into Talat Kurşat office, I have no idea if he displays his diploma and if it has a previous name on it.

With regard to Akan Kurşat, he claims to have graduated from Buckingham University with LLB, Honours in 2000 and was presented with his Diploma by no less a person than Margaret Thatcher (Lady Thatcher). It was extremely difficult to get confirmation from the University as to the voracity of that statement. At first I had the Data Protection Act thrown at me. Eventually, I threw the Freedom of Information Act at them and here is the reply:

“Dear Ms Read

I can confirm that Akan Kursat sutdied at, and graduated from, Buckingham in Law in 1998.”

This was signed by Anne Matsuoka.

Now bear in mind just how reluctant the University was to give me this information, why then would they get the year wrong? Could it be that Mrs T. was not handing out Diplomas in 1998, just a thought, not an accusation.

Still I have to say it is quite refreshing that most of what Talat Kurşat is claiming these days is factually correct.

I have to wonder just how hard the RoC are going to push beyond Mr Robb.


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