Pauline Read – in search of Laura the Laptop

After a very eventful morning yesterday, Pauline meets the Press, we were feeling very brave so we decided to mount stage one of the “Liberate Laura the laptop from Girne Nick” campaign. Being a natural born gob on a stick, you can imagine my pleasure in meeting another; Husnu. “General” Husnu led the attack ably assisted by “Sgt.” Pauline and “Lance Private” Chris.

We stormed the Police Station and demanded the return of Laura. Err, well we asked very politely, ‘please sir, may we take Laura home.’ Yes you guessed it, we were given the run around, upstairs, downstairs, in my ladies chamber, there I met an old man who wouldn’t say his prayers… Sorry getting carried away again, which was more than Laura was. Eventually we were told to go to the Prosecutor’s Office.

So off we went to the Prosecutor’s office. There we were met with blank stares from very nice people who tried hard to help but really hadn’t a clue what we were talking about. The opinion there was that the Police were responsible for returning it. However, not daunted we decided we would return today and see the Prosecutor. Husnu told them he wanted to get to the truth, I said ‘the truth would be nice’ and a very attractive young lady who was in the office by now agreed, you must always have the truth. We shall see.

Stage two of the “Liberate Laura the laptop from Girne Nick” commences at 09 hundred hours, we have all polished our bovver boots in anticipation. Wish us luck.

Yesterday Afrika Gazetesi published news of the electricity problems being experienced by the pensioners at K5, one wonders what pleasure anyone would get from leaving such elderly frail people without means of washing, showering, heating, lighting and just the normal everyday facilities we all take for granted. In the 21st century you cannot believe such obvious violations of their Human Rights go unpunished, but go unpunished they do. They will eventually have to answer to the one who judges us all; God.

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