Kulaksiz 5 – “PM Kucuk instructed Kibtec our electricity supply (is not) to be cut off”

Now for those of you who have been in North Cyprus a long time, the white stuff lying on the mountains just above you is called snow [Editor: in Turkish kar, not to be confused with kâr which means “profit”]. I know, we did not come here for the cold stuff, more for the hot stuff. However part of the package is that occasionally and not too often we hope, that white stuff does fall. Speaking with locals I am told this is a very cold winter. I sort of figured that out for myself, but it is nice to have it confirmed brrrrrrr. The fence you can see in the photos is in my back garden, yes that white stuff is that close.

Imagine then if you will during this very cold spell to have the threat of your electricity being disconnected. Stretch your imagination that little bit further and imagine the reason for having your electricity disconnected is not because you haven’t paid your bill but because ***DELETED*** Bank wishes it. ***DELETED*** Bank is allegedly using the disconnection of the electricity as a weapon to try to force you to abandon your home. A home you dreamed of, a home you bought and paid for, a home that was used as collateral to secure a mortgage on by the landowner and the builder from ***DELETED*** Bank. I hope you have still got some imagination left because now I want you to imagine that the only one not paying for the extraordinary amount of electricity they are using when in residence in my villa is, yes you’ve got it, ***DELETED*** Bank. Here comes the rub, to avoid having their electricity disconnected, the residents are having to pay for the electricity used by ***DELETED*** Bank. Well by now you will all have guessed, I am talking about Kulaksiz 5.

I received this e mail from a resident of Kulaksiz 5 and I have put the usual punctuation marks in to indicate these words are quoted and not my words, just a reproduction of his words. I have deleted his name so that ***DELETED*** Bank will not get their proverbials in a twist.

“Dear Kulaksiz 5,

Please allow me to update you on my latest efforts with the electricity supply at our site in Kulaksiz 5.

As you know yesterday our electricity was cut off.

The Prime Minister’s Office called me today, and informed me of the goings on up at board level of Kibtec and between Akfinans Bank.


To understand why we were cut off we have to first understand the root of this problem:

Akfinans Bank took a mortgage on our land 1 year after we purchased our houses, even after they built and tried to include our homes in their mortgage without our permission.

They purchased the land at Auction themselves, and are currently pushing for our evictions at the courts in Girne. Along the way they have committed many criminal actions which have gone unpunished, and have also violated our human rights. We have not been allowed to live peacefully and enjoy our homes since we bought them. (Protocol 1 Article 1 European convention is one of the many rights they have violated)

Ertu Kader, director of Akfinans and Akan Kursat his lawyer, last year broke and entered one of the houses on the site which belongs to Pauline Read and started refurbishment works. Living in the house a few days a week. Ertu Kader has never, I repeat never paid even 1 Kurus of his electric use since his occupation of the house.

The Kader occupied house has access to alternative electric supply, so one way to try to terrorise us and intimidate us, is to use the Kocan (which he temporarily holds until the courts produce the right decision), to have the electric supply cut off.

His lawyer Akan Kursat calls Kibtec Girne office every month pushing them to cut off our supply. You may think this strategy is evil, and if you did…you would be right. It is evil.

However, after various attempts we notified the PM’s office , many time and eventually PM Kucuk instructed Kibtec (through Mehmet Ozcerlik) that under no circumstances is our electricity supply to be cut off.


According to the PM’s office, Ertu Kader applied to the Kibtec board to have his meter removed as he is the Kocan holder at this moment in time. Kader applied to have the whole supply to all houses disconnected.

This application went in front of the Kibtec board and unfortunately, there is a man on the board (I will check on the name) of Kibtec, who is helping Akfinans bank. He pushed the decision through to cut off our electric to our homes. That man on the board approached Mehmet Ozcerlik. Ozcerlik is a general manager of Kibtec Lefkosa, who until now instructed Kibtec Girne that the supply must be kept running and no disconnection was to take place. Unfortunately Ozcerlik is not the highest authority there.


After some investigation, we learned that Ertu Kader has apparently threatened the Kibtec board with legal action if they do not cut us off.


Strictly speaking no, as the electric bill is still in the name of the former landowner Yuksel Yilmaz who ran away to Turkey and will not face the residents or help them or co-operate with them .

Yilmaz has family members living in 2 of the villas on the site. They also could get an alternative electric supply in the same way Kader can.

If Yilmaz has now given Kader written permission to change the name of the account or to cut off the electric, then it is possible that Kader has submitted such permission with his application to Kibtec board.


They are building a hug conspiracy and drive against the residents of Kulaksiz to cut off lour electric that is clear. Already tired and beleaguered from the constant intimidation, persecution and relentless threatening actions, to have us cut off from the electric supply is just another battle we now have to take up.


1. The first part of the strategy is to get us to pay Kibtec for Ertu Kaders electric bill. The more money we spend on their electric, the less money we can spend on legal fees to fight them.

2. The second strategy, which they would prefer is to cut us off completely and flush us out of our homes, as the Kaders have an alternative electric supply and so do the 2 Turkish Cypriot families.

It is simply unbelievable to think that a country like the TRNC who wishes to encourage foreign investment to revive its economy, would actually even think of allowing this to happen. I’ve got news for you….It’s happening and it is happening to us!


In the meantime Mehmet Ozcerlik is going in to the PM’s to discuss with the PM and the undersecretary some sort of solution that suits both sides. This unfortunately does not sound a good prognosis – there has never been a time when something suitable to the bank would be suitable to any human being trying to live peacefully in their homes.


We need to have a concerted campaign which harnesses ‘all’ our efforts, in the full view of the public on this matter.

Any help, support and ideas on how we can ;protect ourselves and our electric supply would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards”

It is important to note that having had the supply fail, a different resident of K5 did find that the fuse had been physically removed and put into one corner of the box, when he reconnected the fuse the supply resumed. Clearly the fuse did not remove itself, Clearly the landowner’s family are co-operating with ***DELETED*** Bank and are in no fear of losing their homes, even though it was the action of their family member, the landowner that put the residents of Kulaksiz 5 in the precarious position they are in. Should anyone be rewarded for acting dishonestly. It would appear that Yuksel Yiilmaz and his family are being very handsomely rewarded. Now if I were of a suspicious nature, what would that suggest to me? I will throw that question open to you dear readers, what does that suggest to you?

DISCLAIMER : The words in the e mail are NOT mine and the use of names within the e mail are not my responsibility.

Pauline Read

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