Pauline Read Interviewed at North Cyprus Teacher Union Press Conference

Oh what I wouldn’t give to live a normal life. Sadly for me, that does not seem even remotely possible at the moment.

Today I was at a press conference and as you would expect was firmly in the thick of it. My good friends at the Teachers Union hosted this press conference and Sener Elcil kindly made this possible. Unlike the present Government in North Cyprus, who promise much and deliver nothing, Sener bey is a man of his word and whatever he promises happens.

Today the press conference went ahead as promised. There were many members of the press present and after an initial introduction by Sener bey, I gave a little introductory resume of all that has happened to me and then invited questions from the press. What really surprised me was the lack of knowledge of the constant and unremitting intimidation that has been aimed at me personally and at the whole of the K5 group.

Pembe’s Mum attended the press conference alongside me and I was really happy that I was in a position to highlight the plight of Muazzez in particular and all the victims of Tutuska in general. I also brought up the subject of all property victims here in North Cyprus and tried hard to convey to the press just how widespread the victimisation is. I also took the opportunity to let the press know of the existence of the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group and just how cosmopolitan our membership is. I did not miss the opportunity to educate the press on the situation and to point out that victims of the Property Market are both Turkish Cypriots and foreigners.

The press were very interested in all I had to tell them and did ask questions. I only hope that they will be able to report all they heard. I am aware that ***DELETED*** Bank has a stranglehold on the press and that much of what was noted may not make it past the editors.

There were TV cameras present and I hope that we made the local news bulletins.

After the press conference, Muazzez gave a private interview and I am hoping to see a front page come from this. If anyone deserved bad press it has to be Tutuska and his family, a member of which I am reliably informed is seeking election for a political party.

Are there any more such events planned for the future? Well all I can say is, that is for me to know and ***DELETED*** Bank to speculate about.

Never give in, never give up.


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