Robbin’s Snippet – has Britain gone balmy?

Robin's SnippetAs a relatively rare visitor back to the UK, having left to work abroad some thirty years ago, I was more shocked than surprised to see the newspaper headlines last week when I was there.

Health and safety forbids rescuers from entering a duck pond to rescue a drowning man? A terrorist agitator is housed in luxury at the taxpayers’ expense, whilst a contributor to the national economy is extradited to the USA on charges of sanctions busting. A burglar is denied his right to family life by a court and has to go to prison. (I’m surprised they let justice get in the way of his right to, breaking and entering, violent assault and above all the right to deprive other people of their property.) The same rights that the businessman extradited to the US has?

The crowning glory was the story of security at Gatwick Airport, where an author of children’s’ books made a comment about the transition of a woman wearing facial covering through the control point. I don’t know the religion of the woman , further more I don’t care, the question the man asked was legitimate, “would I get through this control point as easily if I had my face covered like this woman?” He is then actively persecuted for racialism and his freedom of movement (a basic human right) is infringed by “political correctness” because a member of staff at the control point felt her religious sentiments were being “insulted”. If this on its own was not bad enough, the Airport management attempt, under threat of further delays, to extract an apology from the man for his question, before allowing him eventually to go on his rightful way. The comment of the BAA spokesperson afterwards that they would hold an enquiry into whether the matter had been handled correctly, beggars belief. As a frequent traveller, I often have to remove my glasses or sunglasses to get through passport and security checks. BAA should answer the question, ”would the man have been allowed through the checkpoint if his face had been similarly covered?”

So then we get to the good bit, our denizens of moral fortitude, not content with milking the system they created themselves now resort to physical violence in the Common’s bar. Still no problem, if they get kicked out of parliament they go to the House of Lords and get 300 pounds a day attendance money. The “out of work” must be just overjoyed reading the papers if they can afford them.

I think Britain has seriously lost the plot.

Robin Melhuish
Alter Weg 14
D-34298 Helsa Germany
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