NORTH CYPRUS NEWS FLASH | Situation at Kulaksiz 5 site

Please note, two workmen who said they were from Kibtec, told a resident they were going to take away the meter which controls the supply of electricity to the site at Kulaksiz 5.  However, when residents went to where the box should be, it was still there. However the fuse had been taken out and left to one side again. This time putting the fuse back did not work and the pensioners at KULAKSIZ are now without electricity. If this bank has a heart, it must be made of stone.

The pensioners are aged between 64 and 89, the 89 year old is in fact in his 90th year. In effect 8 people who have paid their bills and those of the bank who occupy my villa yet Kibtec have discontinued their supply.

I think it is now very clear who runs this country and it is not the democratically elected Government.

Pauline Read


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