Powerless North Cyprus Pensioner Property Victims suffer near freezing temperatures

As is my normal custom I have been looking through the various posts on Cyprus 44 and Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group to keep up to speed on what is happening out there in North Cyprus. Cocooned as I am back here in London, it is my way of catching up on events. I was appalled to read that the bank have gone that one further step and actually arranged for the supply of electricity to be disconnected from the site at Karsiyaka. I have also been reading of the snow out there and the temperatures often lower than those currently here in some parts of the U.K.

It would be so embarrassing for the Government there if the Unions have to do their job for them, that is to see that right prevails and that these pensioners are reconnected to the grid. From what I am reading it may well come to that.

Have the Government no concept of the problem they have allowed to fester out there? Do they not see that the property problems in  North Cyprus there have the potential to be the cause of their demise?  Do they think that even one person dying from hypothermia will go unreported? That they will be able to brush such a tragedy under the carpet seems to be their current policy  It certainly has the potential to happen, pensioners, frail and ill, need light and heat. They have  allowed this problem to escalate instead of nipping it in the bud. They seem to believe that they can say ‘it is happening elsewhere so it is okay for it to happen here’. It is not okay and there is no comparison between the property problem in North Cyprus and elsewhere, because elsewhere they do not have a Bank owning family wearing jackboots stomping all over people’s Human Rights, knowing they can do so with impunity because there is no one with enough courage to challenge them. That a current Minister had ever been connected to this Bank leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Or is there no one to challenge them? I am now reading of Unions showing sympathy to the cause of the property victims.  It would be unfortunate if the might of the Unions had to be called into play to show the Government how to control an out of control Bank.

I just hope the pensioners at Kulaksiz 5 make it through until the better weather. I understand that one of their number is in court on Monday, having received a Writ from the Bank because he dared to stop the telephone company connecting wires onto his property. I wonder what the Union representing the workers from the telephone company would make of that? The Bank seems to think it is their right to pre-empt any court decision and go ahead and do as they please. As far as I can deduce, this same member of Kulaksiz 5 is fighting yet another Writ from the Bank, an application to evict him. Surely until the court decide on this, the Bank have no right to enter his garden or his home.  Sorry, I almost forgot, this is a Bank to whom allegedly right and wrong mean nothing and who carry on regardless. I am sure Eva McCluskey and Pauline Read would bear witness to that.

Peter Wright

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