Opinion | Akfinans Bank has opened Pandora’s Box

I am surprised to see that Pauline Read is being sued by the Bank whose name dare not be mentioned.  I have made no secret of the fact that I have considered Pauline somewhat naive in her approach with regard to this Bank. She seems to assume it is a level playing field, when clearly it is not. She also takes for granted she has the same level of freedom she would enjoy here in the United Kingdom, big mistake.

It is too easy for me to tell her how and in what way she has been wrong.  So, if I were in Pauline’s shoes, what would I do?

First and foremost, I would say be careful who you confide in. When seeking help, ask those you are seeking help from some searching questions:

1. Are you a Director or an investor with the Bank whose name cannot be mentioned?

2. Are you acquainted with, or friends with any member of the Bank owning family, any member of staff of the Bank or any of their subsidiary businesses?

3. Do you believe that the Bank is in the wrong?

Pauline, if you are in the slightest doubt as to the integrity of the person you are speaking to, walk away.

That you are right, that your fight for justice is the right thing to do, is without question. Do not let your naivety be you enemy. You may believe that being honest and open is your best weapon. In the dark place you find yourself, it is not. Take help from wherever you can get if, but be sure it is help they are offering and not just another promise without substance.

Do not confuse the law with justice. Even with the best of intentions, the legal profession can only work within the law and as Mr. Bumble famously asserted, ‘the law is an ass’. Clearly by that we all take it to mean that no matter how right you are, no matter how truthful you are, the law will not always judge in your favour. What greater proof of this do you need that what is happening to you and your fellow Kulaksiz 5 litigants.

I will watch this story as it unfolds. Personally, in my opinion the Bank have made a wrong move in going in this direction and I think this decision may well come back to haunt them. The proverbial can of worms, or Pandora’s box if you will, is now well and truly open. Let us see what crawls out. NCFP have a front row seat.


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