British Official wants Pegasus Airlines North Cyprus adverts banned in London

It would seem that Brian Coleman has his ‘Y’ fronts in a twist over an advertisement on the London Underground for flights to North Cyprus. One has to wonder why Mr Coleman is getting into such a lather over something that has been happening for years, i.e. people flying to and from North Cyprus.

Now if you consider that the borders between the North and South are open and that the authorities on both sides of the border are well aware that people do fly into RoC airports and then cross the border to spend their holiday/return home to North Cyprus on a daily basis, why if the RoC authorities are bothered do they allow this. Simple, money money money.

Mr Coleman if the authorities in the RoC are perfectly happy to accept this way of travelling to North Cyprus, what is your problem?

“The advert should be removed from the London Underground immediately.  Flights to Turkish-occupied North Cyprus have been banned for 37 years – which means that advertising flights to North Cyprus, implying it is just another region in Turkey, is clearly misleading”.

“Pegasus has fallen foul of Advertising Standard Authority before and withdrew a very similar advert after a complaint in 2009.’

Can I make a suggestion Mr. Coleman, concentrate on your own job, let the Advertising Standards do their job or are you looking for a nice cheap holiday in the RoC?   The GLA pay your salary, not the RoC.

Perhaps when you talk to Boris Johnson, he will give you the same advice.

I have no love for Pegasus Airline, not would I ever travel with them, not because I do not think they should fly the UK to TRNC route, no my reason is very personal, they employ or employed Yuksel Yilmaz, the landowner and the author of all Kulaksiz 5’s problems.

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