North Cyprus Property Victims | Who is to Blame?

North Cyprus Property Victims


Insha’llah. A saying you hear so frequently in north Cyprus. It is used in many situations, usually trying situations where the outcome is unknown. God’s Will which I would interpret as meaning whatever happens now, it is in God’s hands.

Look at the blame culture in north Cyprus, if you are to believe what you are told, then no one is ever to blame and all that happened is pure hap-chance. Very convenient for those who do wrong, no blame ergo no consequences and this could not be more apparent than in the property scam arena.

For example, a builder/landowner who signs a Contract with a clause confirming there are no mortgages on the land/property in question knowing full well that there are. In any other country the act of a signing would be a criminal offence, fraud, but not in north Cyprus. You will be told it is a civil offence by the very profession who drafted the Contract, often working for the Builder/Landowner and you. In north Cyprus even though it is not a criminal offence and the Advocate who is party to this was trained in the UK where it is criminal fraud. Seems you can take the Turkish Cypriot out of Cyprus but you cannot take Cyprus out of the Turkish Cypriot.

The Advocate will then, once you have discovered this lie, tell you, well it is ‘normal’ in north Cyprus for the builder/landowner to take a mortgage. It was even suggested to one person I know, that they might have proceeded anyway had they known. Worse still it has even been suggested by an Advocate that the ex-pats are in part to blame for not checking up on the work their Advocates are doing. You see, the culture of ‘it is not our fault’ is endemic. They will then tell you to sue your builder through the courts knowing at the end of the process, the only real winner will be the Advocate who was the author of your problem anyway. Neat system.

What about a Bank who knowingly allows these proven liars to borrow against property they no longer own? Are they blameless? Here law may well allow it, but does that make it right? Again the culture of no responsibility for their actions. Islam most certainly does not approve of this or the usurious interest rates often applied.

Insha’llah, definitely not. God has no hand in these actions, the devil is the hand at work.

O B Joyful


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