Pauline and Agile Attempt To Renew Their TRNC Residency


Today I have just returned from the Ministry of the Interior carrying my passport that says I now have another 2 years category of Residence Stamp as a VISITOR in my passport.

In truth, I did not expect to get it.

I had been warned in November 2010 by a plain clothes security police man when I stood across the road from the Silent Peaceful Candlelit Vigil that I organised, if I crossed the road to join the vigil, he would have me arrested and suggested I started to behave myself or when residency became due, I would not get it. I felt pretty okay about it then having just received a two year renewal in the preceding September.

However things have not improved for property victims and I have not kept silent, which is what I believe ‘behaving myself ‘implied.

In March 2012 at the instigation of Bank, Talat Kursat mounted a campaign through Halkin Sesi and Yeniduzen calling me an undesirable alien, made lewd and personal remarks about me and my long term partner (28 years); allegations of attacks by the two of us on Bank personnel breaking into my villa and other such nonsense. Nowhere in the article did they mention our ages 67 and 62 years old, I suspect because that would have had the readers falling about laughing. More seriously they called publicly for my deportation, another reason I did not expect to get my residency renewed. They also published information about my permission to purchase application that has been in a drawer at the Ministry of the Interior since February 2010 awaiting final approval, this information could only have been obtained from that file. This tells me the Bank have power far in excess of a normal bank and far too much access to government office material. The latest reason given to me for the delay was that I was the subject of a Political Investigation. Yet another reason I expected my residency renewal to be rejected.

The Ministry of the Interior is also in charge of the Tapu’s and since they too are dragging their feet over selling the assets covered by the court memorandum that awarded me £120,000 compensation when I won a Breach of Contract, simply in my opinion because I do speak out, then you will see why I am so surprised my application for renewal of my residency was not rejected.

There have been other newspaper attacks on me, the one in Havadis in the form of a letter was particularly vicious. My, unknown to me, accuser quoted as if fact that I am a South Cyprus Propagandist and that I own two villas with swimming pools in South Cyprus. The way I feel at this moment, if I even owned one, where do you think I would be? Havadis did give me the right of reply, Halkin Sesi ignored my request for this right.

On the 11.08.2012 there was a particularly spiteful post from someone calling himself RHINO on North Cyprus Free Press under an article entitled “Let Peace Break Out”. The part of the post that refers to residency reads:

“Perhaps when residency is due in a couple of weeks and refused (insallah). There may be another victim in the cross hairs oh messrs READ and Channing.”

This after we had attended the Police Station as the first part of the renewal procedure on the 10.08.2012 and told to go to Lefkosa in two weeks time. I misled this poster and told him we were not applying again but relying on our age and being ‘swallows’ in future.

We deliberately waited three weeks before going to Lefkosa to complete the procedure and what a pleasant surprise awaited us.

So to Rhino I say “kiss my aspidistra” and to the rest who wish me gone, your problem, do not make it mine. To all the lovely people who know how harrowing today has been, not just for me but for Agile too. Thank you, may God bless you all.

Pauline Read

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