Popular Science News | Why High Humidity Makes You Hotter

Popular Science News – when the temperature in Cyprus drops a little during the day, two things can happen. Firstly the relative humidity can increase, the amount of water in the air, and you feel hotter. In practical terms, the temperature was 34oC and the humidity was low so you felt that it was 30oC. Yet, when the temperature dropped to 30oC, and the humidity increased, it felt like it was 34oC.

The explanation is simple. The body sweats and the sweat evaporates, in changing from liquid to gas it takes energy and this cools the skin down. The higher the humidity, the more water there is in the air and the less room there is for more. High humidity slows down evapouration and therefore cooling so it feels hotter than the thermometer says in humid conditions. That’s why aircon and dehumidifiers work well together to keep you cool.

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