North Cyprus Property Victims | Karmi/Robb Auction – 6 Days to go

Six days now to the Auction, any reaction to the lobbying against it yet from the Government – NO. They seem to think silence is golden, but they are wrong. Silence is yet another medium in which evil flourishes. Tarnished as the reputation of the Government is, they could still get out the Brasso and polish it till it sparkles. How? By doing the right thing by all property victims. Stopping this auction would be the first step to redemption.

Tomorrow is May Day, the day when workers of the world march. It seems appropriate that we join them, after all this Government is allowing the money of victims, the result of saving during a lifetime of working, to be sacrificed through the actions a very dishonest builders/developers/landowners and BANKS. Greed seems to be the credo of this disreputable bunch. The march starts at 6.30 pm from Kyrenia Gate in Lefkosa and the Union have extended a warm welcome to the idea of us joining them although they caution foreigners against carrying placards or banners and voicing any anti-government opinions. Turkish Cypriot victims can be our standard bearers, there are so many of them too.

Let us look at those to blame for this particular Auction – Aga Development Limited. This company has much to answer for and yet we see no sign of the Government taking those who held office within this company and still living in North Cyprus to task:

Shareholders: Gary John Robb and Akan Kursat (Kursat also the Advocate for Akfinans Bank Limited)

Directors: Gary John Robb

Mert Guclu also Secretary

Cafer Gurcafer

Kutsal Tokatlioglu

Legal Team Talat Kursat

The Honourable Justice McKay’s comments, in his report dated 30/03/2012, clearly points the finger of blame at the Robb and Talat Kursat. The Government has been made aware of this report and many departments have a copy, yet still no action has been taken to bring his named conspirators to book. Why? No the preferred option in every case is to to take the easy option and punish the innocent. It may, as we are told be lawful, but as has been said before, IT AIN’T RIGHT. Whilst the Kursats live in luxury, the victims lose their dreams, the homes they should now be living in, everything.

It seems the Robb luxury villa is being packed away. I wonder where Mrs. Aga Robb’s next home will be, Ethiopia, United Kingdom, Thailand. Surely not Thailand?

Well SOCA may have intercepted some of the money on the way to Thailand, but common sense tells us, it probably is not ALL the money that went there. There could be a problem if this is the intended destination because Mr Robb has yet another, but much smaller family there. You have to wonder what these ladies see in this man, certainly not his good looks. Still money has its own attraction and the fact that it has come from the life savings of British Pensioners does not seem to bother these “ladies” (I use the term loosely). There is a photo attached to this, it is of the Robb home here and if you look closely at the window, you will packing is taking place so we may not have the dubious pleasure of seeing any of the Robb’s any time soon. How sad – not.

The Auction is on Sunday 6th May at 10.00 a.m but it will be advisable to be early. The venue is the coffee shop opposite the Girne District Court. It is doubling as a funeral, the death of the property sector, the death of hope. Bring at at least one flower to lie at the site and wear black if possible with a black arm band.

If you care, be there.

Pandora S. Box

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