Breaking News | Akfinan Bank Damning Survey Report Made Public

You will recall I told you all of the existence of a Survey Report obtained by Akfinans Bank Limited before the mortgage was advanced to the Landowner Yuksel Yilmaz and Abdurrahman Guney. I was chastised very severely by a supporter of the K5 for breaking this news, being accused of scoring a home goal. I now see the Survey in its entirety on the front page of AFRIKA newspaper. Remember you read this first on NCFP.

Richard Barclay, the son of one of the K5 victims Mrs Christine Arline Barclay who acts as her Power of Attorney in this case, leaked the report to Afrika Newspaper on Friday. Richard who works as a Financial Adviser in the City of London has spent considerable time in North Cyprus seeking justice for his mother. Mrs. Barclay is a double victim, she also bought a Gary Robb property that was subject to double selling.

The Expert who prepared this survey for Akfinans Bank Limited, Girne was Unsal Gurok and the report is dated 29th March 2005, some 20 days after the first loan of £1,600 which was severely in arrears before the next loan of 100,000 lira given on the 11th November 2005 (some 25 days AFTER my Contract of Sale was signed). The signing of my Contract confirming that the freehold land was mortgage free and the further undertaking to guarantee to keep it mortgage free is clear evidence of criminal fraud, and the knowledge that there were properties almost finished or well advanced at the time the report was prepared is clear evidence that the Bank were colluding in this criminal fraud. Allegedly, the expert who prepared this Survey was a former employee of the Tapu Dairesi and is now a Noter whose offices are directly opposite the Girne District Court.

Combine the above evidence with the actual Mortgage Loan agreement that does not appear to have the signature of the Landowner Yuksel Yilmaz on it and you will see the charge of Criminal Fraud becomes more and more compelling. I am attaching a copy of the loan agreement and specimens of the missing signature.

The complaint I have already submitted to the Attorney General’s office of criminal fraud and conspiracy is now being investigated and a prosecutor has been assigned.

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