Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Afrika Newspaper Revelations

I have been waiting for this to come on line so that I could share it with you.

No matter what the circumstances of Richard Barclay releasing it to the Afrika Newspaper it can only bode well for the Kulaksiz 5 cause.

Pauline was amazed to see a photo of her villa in the right hand corner of this page as she had no idea it was being used.  It makes her sad to see it as it is now and know that the Kader  family had the brazen nerve to make it their weekend retreat.   May they never know a moment’s peace there, or indeed anywhere.

There was also a piece in the Kibris Gazetesi today.  It amounted to an acknowledgement of all the work Pauline Read has done to further the cause of K5 and the other property victims.  The Editor pointed out that the Government had the attitude that since Pauline Read has no vote, there is no need to help her.  Shame on them. [http://www.kibrisgazetesi.com/index.php/cat/1/col/133/art/20417/PageName/Ana_sayfa]

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