Karmi/Robb Auction | TRNC Founding President Denktas would have been there

Five days to go and still no sign of a reprieve for the purchasers at the Karmi/Robb site. The proposed auction is due to take place on Sunday 6th May 2012.   Not only are they having to endure the fact that their dream homes were not finished as per Contract, now they have this mental torture of thinking, will they, won’t they?  How any regime can inflict this pain on fellow human beings and still claim to also be human is beyond me.

Just imagine,  in the UK you work, you buy a house with a mortgage that at the outset frightens the life out of you. You do this because you dream that one day when you have finished working hard and struggling each month to make the mortgage payments, the fruits of your labours will be yours in your old age.  So each day as you work you allow yourself to dream. Some  never want to leave the land of our birth so the dream is just that you will have time to do all the things working and bringing up  a family never allowed the time for you to do. Others,  like the purchasers of Karmi, like so many more victims  in North Cyprus, allowed their dreams to be further afield. They dreamed of a home in the sun, where they too would do all the things they never had the time or the spare cash to do in their busy working lives.  Unfortunately, they made the mistake of choosing North Cyprus as a dream destination and what a heavy price they had to pay for that mistake.

Not everyone who relocated there has been cheated, but far too many have. What is the Government’s response to the criminal fraud that has been perpetrated upon them. Well if what the Kibris Gazetesi said in its editorial about Pauline Read is extended to include all victims, they don’t give a toss because foreigners do not have a vote and can ‘stew in their own juice’.  A more caring, sharing attitude you could never find.  Dreams are in tatters,  hope is lost,  Human Rights ground into the dust by a Government that just does not care.

If you look at it from an historical point, the present Government is allowing what happened to the Turkish Cypriots at the hands of the Greek Military Junta, being displaced and their homes taken, to happen to the victims of the property market and doing NOTHING to prevent it.

President Denktas was a man of vision, he wanted a better future for everyone living in North Cyprus, he rightfully saw expats as assets of the country, not cash cows to milk until they squeaked.  Pauline Read has many, many  emails from Mr Denktas. She met with him on many occasions. She has allowed me to share with you an email she received on the 31 MAY 2010, just 5 days before the Auction of Kulaksiz 5 site.  You will see, the Government were even ignoring his pleas. They treated him in his lifetime as a spent force, will they disgrace his memory now that he is a dead HERO.  May God forgive them.

Be at the march tonight, be there for 6.00 p.m, starts at 6.30 from Kyrenia Gate in Lefkosa.   Be at the Auction on 6th May 9.30 a.m. starts 10.00 a.m.   We know Founding President Ralph Denktas would have been at both events if he were still here, he was a friend to all living in North Cyprus and a truly caring person.

If your care, be there.

Pandora S Box

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