The Behaviour of the TRNC Government towards Property Victims


I am sorry but that is what these people are. Any other person would have been granted their PTP within weeks.

What these PEOPLE are doing is systematically destroying North Cyprus. They do not care one iota about the Cypriot people, its economy, its future, it is all about lining their own pockets.

THEY continually prove to the world with their idiotic schemes, like the airline fiasco, Kib-Tek, austerity measures, buying new luxury cars, that they have no idea how to govern. A 16 year old GCSE student could manage the economy better than these clowns.

As for the property sector, it will never recover until another country takes over the country. It is not just Pauline & Chris who came here to retire, there are thousands of us who have been stuffed by the government. Yes it is the government to blame, they failed to manage the initial planning such as simply ensuring sites had appropriate permits, they then allowed the legal system to fudge all the issues allowing TC builders to break every legal and moral law without sanction. On top of all that they allow banks to bend, twist and break every rule in the book, why? CORRUPTION!!!!!

For a country that portrays itself is Islamic, I think the prophet will be turning in grave at the depths this country has sunk to. They go on about moral rules, Sharia Law, so why is the place a cesspit of gambling and sexual depravity all sanctioned by the government.

As I said there are thousands of foreigners caught in the property trap, I forgot to mention there are also hundreds of TCs, especially those that “ran away” who are caught in the same situation. So my apologies to those I forgot mentioning earlier.

To the government of TRNC I suggest you wake up to life in the real world, the one to which you continue bleating about being part of but persist in making yourselves a laughing stock in front of.

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