North Cyprus Property Victims | Cyprus Mortgage leads to UK Writ

“There I was, digging this hole, hole in the ground, big and sort of round”; I guess if you are my age you will remember this by Bernard Cribbins. Bernard went on to tell us the holes were not there, the ground is all flat and beneath it is the guy in the bowler hat. I guess we all chuckled when we heard it. Well I guess many of us here in Cyprus did end up paying a lot of money for our ‘hole in the ground’. Some of us got a little more than that, some got it to footings stage, some a little more advanced. Heck some of us even got a home for a while, until the Banks decided to repossess them to satisfy a mortgage taken out after we purchased and without our knowledge and consent. Hey, don’t let a little matter of fraud get in the way of a healthy balance sheet.

According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Cyprus Banks are now bringing the problem right to your doorsteps in the United Kingdom. Watch out for the Writs. Of course, there will be some genuine cases amongst them, where the borrower is actually the owner, but with the experience we all have here in Cyprus, you can bet your life some will be for so called ‘stealth mortgages’ as deadly as any stealth missile and you are the target.

Back to Bernard’s little ditty. Perhaps we could dig a hole to bury all the fraudsters in, only problem then would be, when we filled it in, we would be creating a mountain, there are so many of them.

This is an island wide problem, so beware of the Bailiff and it seems that by having these Writs delivered to your U.K. home, they may well be targeting that too.

Yet another example of how buying in Cyprus can seriously damage your health and your wealth. Buying in Cyprus should carry a Government Health Warning.

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