North Cyprus Property Victims | Advocates “have no duty of care”

So often we read that the legal professional, visa vie Advocates, in North Cyprus have no ‘duty of care’ to their clients. Well they can claim that, but does that claim have any basis in law, their chosen profession?

We are also told that much of the law here is based on English Law. That being so, then I have some disturbing news for the Advocates who hide their negligence behind the claim they have no duty of care. You do.

“English tort law: An individual may be owed a duty of care by another, to ensure they do not suffer any unreasonable harm or loss. If such a duty is found to be breached, a legal liability is imposed upon the duty-ower, to compensate the victim for the losses they incur.”

I think most Advocates would qualify as an ‘individual’ although some of us would doubt some would qualify as a human being, clearly as an individual, the do have a duty of care.

Of course, a few years ago you would have had difficulty in finding an Advocate in North Cyprus who was willing to sue a colleague. Now it is a different scenario, the days of endless Sales Contracts is gone, times are hard and business is business. If suing a colleague brings in a fee, you will find a taker.

The court route in North Cyprus is a daunting one, it is a long and often fruitless path, however, until the Advocates learn there are consequences for their actions, nothing will change.

O B Joyful

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