North Cyprus Strikes | In Search of Petrol

The strike called by the Petrol Station owners here in North Cyprus caught us on the hop and cost us a lira or two.

On Tuesday night we had promised to visit a friend staying at the Vuni Palace, it was her last night so we had to go. The petrol gauge was not looking healthy so we decided to go by taxi, so goodbye to 70 lira (both ways).

On Wednesday morning we decided to high-tail it to the south to fill up. Now the big problem was, would we have enough petrol to get there. A Turkish Cypriot friend said he could let us have a gallon, so off we went to pick it up. “Oh, he said, you will have to wait an hour whilst I siphon it out of a car”. We decided to take the chance and hopefully save an hour. Off we went.

As we got near to Metehan the warning noise came on, just once. Then the amount showing on the dial started pulsating, we were sweating by now. There were many people with the same idea at the border crossing. We had to renew our insurance 25 Euro, so now this petrol was starting to get even more expensive. The nearest petrol station we knew of was still some way off. Fortunately, my partner had the sense to ask the guy at the insurance booth where the nearest petrol station was. It was much closer than we had realised, when you get to the Coca Cola factory, turn left and it is 400 metres up on your right, and so it was. A lot nearer than the one we were headed for. We agreed later, as we sailed past the station we knew of, we definitely would not have made it to there.

It was important to us because we had a very special lady to take to the airport today and under no circumstances were we going to let her down. Of course, as always happens, the strike finished yesterday afternoon and our adventure had been an unnecessary and expensive waste of time and money.

Never a dull moment living in North Cyprus.



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