Are TRNC Government Departments deliberately targeting me?

WITHOUT PREJUDICE | I am more convinced than ever that the various Government Departments have decided that they are going to punish me for speaking out. What have I ever done? Told it like it is?

Of course the treatment I have received from the Ministry of the Interior’s Permission to Purchase Office is unbelievable. My application now sits in this office, it was sent to them in February 2011 for the final signature, having successfully passed all the other balances and checks such an application has to undergo. I read with horror the contents of a letter in Halkin Sesi when the Bank called publicly for my deportation; a letter from my Advocate to that Department that could only have come from that file. The only other copy now sits on a file I have, my Advocate returned the file to me when she ‘sacked’ me. I am now told I am the subject of an investigation by the Political Police. Well go ahead and investigate, waste your time and money, I have nothing to hide. I am not a secret agent, I am just an old lady prepared to stand up and fight for my rights. How many times have MY Human Rights been violated… I don’t have enough fingers and toes to complete the count.

Punishment Number One

Yesterday I found out for sure why the Auction that should have resulted from my winning my Breach of Contract case on the 6th November 2009 has not taken place. It is no wonder my Advocate did not want to keep me as a client. You will recall my former Advocate told me she was not ‘allowed’ to chase the Tapu in these matters. You will recall I visited the Tapu and was initially asked ‘are there properties on this land?’, then was told I would have to get a report giving these details. I pointed out then that their officer Mr Denktas (no, not OUR beloved Mr Rauf Denktas) had been taken up to the securities by me prior to Judge Sertbay ordering the sale in October 2010. Yesterday when I visited the Tapu I was told yet another story; this one I do believe to be the truth.

Firstly I was told that my file was in a queue of files waiting to be valued. When asked how long this would take, I was told 6 months, a year, who knows? Further questions revealed that the clerk knew this case well, it was Kulaksiz 5. It was pointed out to her that this was an individual, i.e Pauline Read and not the Kulaksiz 5 group. She then said, it was very complicated and no action would be taken on it. At last, the truth. Both the Permission to Purchase and the Tapu come under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior and who did we find lurking in these corridors of power, yes I am sure you all remember, a member of the Bank owning family. Do I have to join the dots?

Punishment Number Two

For those who say Pauline Read should not be in the Kulaksiz 5 -v- Akfinans Bank Limited current domestic and ECHR cases, think again. It seems this will be the only chance I have of ever getting justice, although I do believe it will go to the wire and that the ECHR will have to be the final judges in this case; that only brings shame and dishonour to this beautiful country I love so much.

There are those who say, they do not support me because mine is only a monetary loss, so for all those of you out there who bought in good faith either as an investment or a secondary holiday home be aware, there are some very ‘green eyed’ people out there who have this tunnel view that is perfectly acceptable for YOU to be defrauded of your hard earned money because you can afford it. Fortunately most people agree that it is NOT okay for anyone to be robbed and you do not have to justify yourselves to anyone.

Never give in never give up

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