North Cyprus Law | “Will Injustice Ever Be Acceptable?”


How many times have your anticipated an event, a trip to the dentist, an exam, meeting with someone you are unsure of? After these things are over, how many times have you realised that the actual event was an anti-climax and your anticipation of it caused you to be apprehensive about it.

I well remember the very first time I appeared in a court in north Cyprus which coincidentally was the first time I appeared in such a court anywhere. They do say we should embrace all new experiences in our lives, but I guess attending court in north Cyprus is an experience I would give a miss if I could. However with the way the Writs are stacking up, it looks like I have many years of appearances ahead of me. You have to wonder just what this is all about. Will persecuting a woman who is only defending her corner and telling the truth somehow make what is happening here acceptable? Will anything ever make throwing people out of their properties they bought and paid for, having used all the prescribed legal channels and systems here in north Cyprus, acceptable? Will injustice ever be acceptable?

To get back to the anticipation being worse than the event. Well the Kulaksiz 5 are living in fear of losing their homes and I have to say, if that should ever happen, the event will be far worse than the anticipation, and the cruel length of time this event has been anticipated, goes far beyond acceptable, it is not only unacceptable it is mental torture and that is barbaric. This is the 21st century, so how can it be happening? It is happening, it is happening now and it is happening in north Cyprus.

When historians look back at the happenings in north Cyprus at this moment in time, it will be with sadness, sorrow and shame.

Never give in never give up


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