Modern Poetry | African Princess

Modern Poetry – African Princess, I wrote this by request, the person had read one of my poems, she never read this one. Just as well I suppose.

African Princess

She came from
The Mountains of the Moon.
Royal Blood pulsing
Through her veins.
Regal bearing
An African Princess, soon to be a Queen.
What say you now
No escort of Zulu warrior
Needing no protection.
A thousand attendants
Keening in the background.
Magical polished ebony
Skin shimmering in the Sun.
Her smile eclipsing the moon
Teeth of white Ivory.
Tall, slim, womanly
But yet a mirage.
Fine sculpted figure
Not for my lips.
Her purpose unknown
Who is she?
This African Princes
Svelte, dark and sweet.
Men will fight for her
Die perhaps.
Trysting for favour
No commoner will win.
Her heart is open
Flashing eyes.
Few will dare to enter
Fearing her power.
I would have an Impi
A phalanx of Maasai.
Warriors to guard
Her chastity and my jealousy.
To her all the riches
From the world.
Beaten gold, Kohinoor diamond
To adorn her skin.
What needs she
These baubles and bangles.
Beauty within and out
Shining from her eyes and skin.
Hair of silk
Woven by maidens.
Conquering hearts
Searing minds.

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