North Cyprus Law | North Cyprus Puppy Theft Victim

North Cyprus Law | North Cyprus Puppy Theft VictimOne interesting story in Cyprus Today (18.4.15), probably the only one, was from Tom Roche, about a stolen puppy.

‘for seven months now, I have tried and failed, to have a stolen dog returned to its rightful owner. In short, we know who has the dog, we know where she is being kept, but the police refuse to do anything about it. The dog in question is chipped and registered as required, so how can this be, you may wonder?’

In this case, Tom tried every avenue to get the puppy returned, including going to the head of police in Lefkosa, the Attorney General’s office and the Chief Veterinary Officer. They have even hired a ‘lawyer’.

‘so far it has proved impossible to right this wrong. No-one dares take the right decisions for fear of upsetting someone else…The police are fine when it comes to minor crime…If someone steals your car the police would have no hesitation in returning it to you on production of your log book. But then a car is something of value.’

Oh Tom, have you not heard of all the property victims losing villas they have paid for and who have valid contracts for? But then a story about them would not have the same appeal as one about a lovely fluffy puppy would.

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7 comments to North Cyprus Law | North Cyprus Puppy Theft Victim

  • Polly Marples

    Nevertheless, when Tom was given the freedom to report, he was an ally to K5, that was BTG (Before The Gag).

    The two questions I see no answer to in the above

    1. Is the true owner an ex pat/foreigner?
    2. Is the dog napper Turkish Cypriot?

    If the answer to both is YES….you know why no action is being taken.

    BTW. Remember the attempted murder of Agile……I rest my case
    Remember Laura the Laptop………………. ditto

  • Polly Marples

    The answer is simple

    The law is an ass administered by bigger asses.

  • Jerry

    What else would you expect from an “administration” that stole a whole territory and much of its contents.

  • Polly Marples

    All I will say Jerry is, toxic loans, deeds scandal and dog in box shredder.

    I do not wish to lessen in any way the behaviour as above….just point out…that it is no better
    in the south and since many of you have the same mind set, I am surprised you ever had problems.

    People in glass houses………………

  • Frank Woods

    Dominic, It looks to me that the puppy in question is a Springer spaniel and a very pretty one at that.Springer Spaniels make great hunting dogs and that will be exactly what this dog is being trained to do.So it will not be the same dog anymore after 7 months of cruelty. I take it that the thieves are TC and it is an English family that are heartbroken at the loss of their beloved puppy.You have tried every avenue to get this dog back and good on you.Bear in mind that in Cyprus you are dealing with different mind set. Cyprus is middle eastern not European even though the EU will have you think the opposite. First of all you name and shame. Get a group of like minded people together including the owners and take that dog back,take the paper work with you in case you need it and go for it. You have to adopt their way of thinking. Don’t forget the mantra of the Mid East is “Whats mine is mine whats yours is also mine. Good luck I wish I could be with you.

  • fluter

    The thief will be well-known, well connected and probably related to someone in the police. If you can get the dog back, you will have performed a miracle.

    One of the things/attitudes I detest about the TRNC.

  • Dominic Freeman

    I suppose the only thing strange about this story is that if it were my dog I would be in prison now for taking it back no matter what the consequences.