North Cyprus News | Election Day Newspaper Confiscation

North Cyprus News | Election Day Newspaper ConfiscationKibris newspaper (20.04.15) reported that in total six newspapers were confiscated because they violated the elections restrictions of the Higher Election Board (YSK) and published reports related to the Presidential Elections. Three of the six newspapers which were seized were the Turkish newspapers Hurriyet, Cumhuriyet and Zaman, while the other three were the Turkish Cypriot newspapers Detay, Kibris Postasi and Afrika. Kibris said that the Turkish Cypriot channel Ada TV was also closed down for a while because they were not complying with the election restrictions.

Afrika newspaper (19.04.15) under the headline “Bon Appetit! How Many Votes for Bulgur?” revealed that 24 hours prior to the elections, plastic bags with food were distributed to several neighborhoods in area of Lefkosa allegedly with the aim of attracting votes and that, as in the past, no investigation was made. Mind you, if you can buy a vote for a bag of food things must be desperate.

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3 comments to North Cyprus News | Election Day Newspaper Confiscation

  • Polly Marples

    Oh dear….much ado about nothing.

    Well the boast of a well bank owner was that he could guarantee UBP 900 votes. I wonder how many people they employ in their many businesses?

  • Hummmm – about 900 ??

    Wondering who that bank owner is – surely not Akfinans Bank ???

  • Polly Marples

    It is and they have many other business interest, Pauline knows this because along with her fellow defendants in the LIbel writ over the Ada TV programme, the whole of family and most of their companies are suing them.

    Racking up 900 votes is probably not beyond them.

    You will be pleased to hear nigel that butch the guarddog was not named as one of the petitioners.