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North Cyprus News | Ozersay and Toparlaniyoruz Contradiction

North Cyprus News | Ozersay and Toparlaniyoruz ContradictionSpeaking at a press conference, failed Presidential candidate and founder of the Toparlaniyoruz Movement, Kudret Ozersay, reiterated the statement he made prior to the elections:

‘I’ve entered this election in order to win and not to establish a political party. I do not accept the position of the negotiator and I will not direct my voters. If I pass to the second round of the elections I will not ask for votes from the other candidates.’

However, the Toparlaniyoruz Movement he founded appears to have ignored him and has announced that in spite of the fact that Ozersay said that he will leave his voters free to decide which candidate they will vote for, has announced that the movement will not stay impartial and will support Akinci in the second round of the elections.

Ozersay said that he would not change his stance and that he will continue to work together with the citizens of North Cyprus for the rights of the community and the country:

‘This was my first elections, but will not be the last.’

He apparently spent 274 000 TL during his election campaign.

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1 comment to North Cyprus News | Ozersay and Toparlaniyoruz Contradiction

  • Polly Marples

    Nice, and exactly as we predicted when he started this movement.

    274,000 tl…a drop in the political ocean.