North Cyprus Law | K5 Court Case Avoids ‘Bing Bong!’

North Cyprus Law | K5 Court Case Avoids 'Bing Bong!'North Cyprus Law | K5 Court Case Avoids ‘Bing Bong!’

Kulaksiz 5 case eventually started at 11.40 a.m at Girne District Court.

Mehmet Kader, a member of the bank owning family, went into the witness box and was questioned by his Advocate Akan Kursat for 25 minutes. It was then the turn of the K5’s Advocate to question him, about 10 minutes into the questioning a phone went off in the court, I looked around but then realised it was mine. I blushed and quickly and quietly exited the court.

Agile witnessed me turning it off on the way to the court. I always do because it makes a ‘bing bong’ noise when you switch it off.

Anyway, it rang again when I got outside and an irate lady said, I have been ringing and ringing you but the phone was going funny.

Well clearly, it was off when she started phoning me and I cannot even begin to explain how it came back on, in the midst of a court case, how mortifying. Lesson learnt. I will never take my phone into the court again. I will leave it in the car.

Not many minutes after my hasty retreat the case finished. The Judge will now carefully consider the evidence and will render his verdict on the 6th August 2013. The hearing, as you may recall is to decide whether the K5 can have an amendment entered into evidence for the main case.

The main case is scheduled for 14th October 2013.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Ann Read


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