North Cyprus Property | Harassment


North Cyprus Property | Harassment

I have just posted this on a FaceBook page.

“This was the first temporary injunction I received. My Breach of Contract case had started on the 19th Sept. 2008 and continued to 6th November 2009, not long you would think until you realise here we are on the 24th June 2013 and this is still on-going and according to the Advocate who told me the Mandamus was a good idea and the way forward, now that the proposed auction is challenged, this will continue to a long time. You will all understand why I tell you NEGOTIATE whenever you can. Yes we did get a settlement that achieved the award on the 6th November 2009, and still NO MONEY. So 5 years on from the start of the case, I am no further forward and along the way the bank took my villa and today, I am thousands out of pocket on legal fees and have no villa and no award. You gotta admire this system.”

Over last weekend posts were all over the internet about how I lied to my current advocate and misled him as to the provenance of the land I had covered by the Memorandum. Not, I would hasten to add, anything to do with my Advocate, just someone calling him/herself a friend of my Advocate.

Of course this is totally untrue and this week I see someone thinks it is funny to pretend he found some of my private and confidential paperwork blowing in the street, does not understand it and wants it translated. How strange it should be MY private and confidential paperwork. How fortuitous it bears out my claim that the provenance of the land was indeed known by all involved in the Mandamus. Amongst the three documents which were, in my opinion, obtained through dubious means are two that have never been published before.

Oddly, one is the letter that accompanied my Permission to Purchase application to the Ministry of the Interior, I hasten to add, I do not believe said Ministry had anything to do with providing this to the person who published it. Although the comments on the internet last weekend have now been removed I did, as I always do, copy and paste them so I have evidence of their existence. The posts on a FaceBook group this weekend, containing copies of my documents is still there at 07.19 this morning.

Now, if those who are saying I will be making four families homeless look very carefully at the pre-auction document, they will see contains a provisional value of that which is on sale as under £80,000, they will also see that by engaging their brains instead of their mouths, it would not take the sale of four houses to achieve that sum. It is my opinion that no one would bid any way.

There is an old saying that you cannot educate pork. I wonder what it means? Lolx

Pauline Ann Read



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