North Cyprus Property | Supreme Court Visit

Without  Prejudice

North Cyprus Property | Supreme Court Visit
The one word I would describe my return from the Supreme Court is that it left me feeling is ‘vulnerable’ and not just for me but for Agile too.
As is often the case with court visits,  I can only describe the experience as surreal. Someone did turn up to challenge the pre-auction notice, together with their advocate.  Just one, and not the four who according to some would be made homeless by an auction.
Whilst I am sympathetic to their plight, it appears to reveal that this lady bought her villa complete with an a interim injunction. If what I was told is correct, I did not see the Contract of Sale so this is hearsay. Now you have to ask, if this is true, what Advocate would allow their client to buy with an injunction in place on the property?
It is also noteworthy that during the six months available to appeal my memorandum, no appeal was received.
Do I continue with this case or do I rely on the Kulaksiz 5 case?
Who can forget the warnings given to us by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office after the repossession of our villa in such violent circumstances, “leave the island for your own safety”.
Not a great deal has changed and Justice still seems a long way off. The next appearance at the Supreme Court is one week today the 28th June 2013.
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