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As the lid slowly slides off the can of worms getting fat on the carcasses of the Property Scam Victims here in the TRNC, the scale of the problem is becoming more and more apparent. What is the TRNC government doing about it? Well from where I sit, it appears to be absolutely nothing. In fact it would appear they have joined some of the victims themselves and put their heads firmly in the sand. The Property Scam has reached epidemic proportions and so has its accompanying HEAD IN SAND SYNDROME disease, or as some of us prefer to call it – HISS.

The Government prefer to try to convince us that it is a civil matter and that the courts can deal with it. Clearly they cannot. In fact, dealing with it means robbing good, honest men and women, who followed the legal procedure in buying their homes here, invested their life’s savings in this country; spend their pensions and other income here in the shops, garages, and restaurants. They keep their savings in the Banks here. They pay their taxes and their dues to their local belediysis. If these people are to be robbed by the very system they put their faith and trust in, then clearly the system is very flawed.

The Government claims that the laws that failed us have now been changed and future purchasers are now safe guarded. I would question that since I think even the new laws are flawed. However, why is it that you and I can see what the Government cannot? If these new laws are needed now because the old laws did not work, then the very act of having to change them proves that if they are wrong now, then they were wrong when they trapped innocent purchasers into the situation they find themselves in. The Government cannot sit on their hands and do nothing.

It seems that the victims, whose only obligation under the Contract of Sale was to pay on time, are to be left floundering. Some, as I have said before, have become victims a second time; this time to the disease HISS. So it would seem that those of us not affected by this truly paralysing disease are going to have to shout so loud even they will hear us and hopefully join us. As for the Government, well we are just going to have to keep plugging away there.

It has been suggested on the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Group Facebook page that London Turkish Cypriot members make their feelings known to their local U.K Members of Parliament and also to the Representative of the TRNC in London.

I contacted my own M.P. in Worcester, the City of my birth and where I lived before coming to the TRNC, and at first I was given the usual line that they could not help someone who is not a constituent. Being given the brush off is something I do not take lightly, so I pointed out that since I took the trouble to register for a postal vote, exercised my right to use that vote and voted for him, he in turn had an obligation to at least try to help. He saw the logic of my reasoning and I am publishing the result with this article.

I have to admit that the final paragraph from the Rt Hon David Lidington MP caused me to laugh out loud hysterically. What on earth did he think I had been doing for the last five years? I think he might have worked out that having exhausted all the normal avenues, consulting an MP was a final act of desperation. On the up side, they are clearly aware of the situation both here and in the RoC.

It is not my first encounter with the FOC, I have been advised by them in the past to leave the island for my own safety, or perhaps I should say we? That was on the occasion when my villa was broken into, the locks changed, the electricity isolated and switched off and when leaving the premises two members of the party of three men, got into a car and drove it at speed at my partner who had to jump to get out of its way. That is how my partner earned his nickname ‘Agile’, he is a sprightly 61 years old, my toy boy, I am 66 this year.

So what should we do? First I think every property victim should join the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group. I think everyone both here and in the U.K. who recognises the wrongness of what is happening should contact their MP and also, in the case of British Turkish Cypriots, their TRNC Representative in London. All those with property problems whatever nationality should phone in or send an email to Fevzi at Drivetime with Fevzi and Canna. Details are on the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus group Facebook page. Contact your local press and give them the story. If we cannot reason the Government into doing the right thing here, perhaps we can shame them into doing the right thing.

I love the TRNC, I cannot imagine living anywhere else. I do not want to live anywhere else. Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group campaign is PRO-TRNC and ANTI-CORRUPTION .

There is strength in numbers – together we can make a difference.

Never give up – Never give in.

Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group

Pauline Read

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