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North Cyprus Law | Pauline Auction Disinformation CampaignWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Law | Pauline Auction Disinformation Campaign

The person who was trying to phone Ms Read during this morning’s hearing obviously had met up with one of the owners of the property at Arapkoy site of the proposed auction to give Ms Read her award she won back in 2009 when she finished her Breach of Contract case. Seems they may have finished up at CAC.

The caller said she had someone who owned one of the three houses that were going to be sold to pay off Pauline’s award.

Well according to the pre-auction valuation given on the notice, the amount which represents 70% of the value of the proposed auction is 224,300 TL which at today’s exchange rate is between £77,500 and £78,000. If the aim of the Tapu is to achieve this amount, why would they need to sell three houses. Incidentally, the owner of CAC was stating quite clearly last week that it was four houses. She clearly knows a lot more than Ms Read.

Now a feeding frenzy is taking place. Quite hypocritically, the leader of the pack is the owner of CAC who categorically denies ever helping Ms Read to campaign for her auction to be held.

Strange because Ms Read quite clearly remembers her accompanying her to various government offices, her being with her when she gave a letter to the Minister of Finance asking for his help on the Auction and Ms Read’s Permission to Purchase. One of the other men in authority visited, according to Ms Read, was Hasan Sungur Head of the Estate Agents Association.

Clearly, Ms Read’s word against the owner of the CAC, well not quite, here is an Agenda of one such meeting with Mr Sungur, so what you may think…..until you find out that the handwriting at the bottom in red is that of the owner of CAC, oh and be sure to look at the date.



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