NCFP Receives Threatening Email from Citizens Advice Cyprus

North Cyprus Free Press received this email today from Citizens Advice Cyprus (CAC) and it was forwarded to me by the Editor. Because of the veiled threats it contained I thought I’d make its contents public, especially because it mentions the possibility that the TRNC Finance Minister allegedly wants to censor NCFP:

After having requested from you that my personal business not be published on your NCFP I find you carry on writing my personal affairs in public. I am officially requesting that you remove this from your site. I find this totally unfair and unjust and if you do not remove it you leave me with no alternative but to take further actions on this. Our whole disputes with Pauline started due to the writing she was posting on your site. Apart from this being a malicious attack on me and my family the only alternative I can see in this a is a financial gain between the two of you !I am politely asking you to remove these articles. I had a phone call over the week end from the Finance Minister complaining about the writings and he also wanted certain articles removed.

The NCFP Editor’s reply was

What have I written about you? I have already removed part of a comment by Pauline which I believed to be personal, tell me which further parts you want removed and I’ll ask the writer to do it. NCFP is published in the EU and conforms to EU laws and anything thought to be breaking those laws will be removed. I will also be prepared to publish a correction of this information if it proves to be incorrect. I reserve the right to publish all emails to me concerning this matter. Are you still intending releasing Pauline’s personal details to the press?

If your close friend the Finance Minister wants something removed then ask him to contact me personally. If he believes information Pauline has published is inaccurate then he should contact Pauline.

As you can see, NCFP are willing to remove items which are not in the public interest, ie personal information, and has done so in the past. What is unclear is the exact details of the publication which for some reason CAC want removed. It seems that a blanket censorship is being sought which leaves me wondering why this is needed. People are allowed to have opinions about CAC and can even tell of their own experiences of dealing with the company as long as they are willing to stand by what they say. If Pauline is breaking a law and NCFP is personally informed of this, we will of course remove anything we subsequently find to be illegal.We have done this in the past when approached by a lawyer involved in the Geoff and Mary Day court case.

Currently we are waiting to find out what it is that CAC wants removed.

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