Pauline Read Replies to Citizens Advice Cyprus Accusations

NCFP have now received this email from Pauline Read in response to the NCFP article below. While we would like to draw a line under this issue and wish CAC, STMINC and MNCB good luck with whatever it is they do, we understand that she has a right to reply.


Dear Malcolm,

I am at a loss to understand why Miss Ibrahim is so upset. I did not lock her possessions away from her. I was unaware that the situation between us had deteriorated to such an extent that she should remove me as admin from CAC ( a group I started) or remove me completely from STBINC. I am aware I inboxed her about the two facebook groups stating that I would remove myself as admin from CAC facebook group if she would do the same on STBINC, we discussed it over the phone when she told me she was definitely was taking up the offer from Rahme bey. However when I spoke to her the following day, she told me she was NOt taking up the offer and was continuing the business at Bellapais. I was under the impression this information cancelled out the suggested arrangement of the previous conversation and inbox and we finished the telephone conversation on what seemed friendly terms with the arrangement I would still go into the office occasionally and still help as and when she needed me. All that followed came as a result of her post on CAC telling of my departure and ‘kissing me off’. That this happened this way was totally duplicitous

I really do not know where or in what way I have involved her family in anything I have written, quite the contrary I am the one receiving threats she asked you to pass on to me about revealing my son’s drug addiction.

My respect and sympathy are with her mother and her children and I would never set out to hurt them or use them as a pawn in this sorry situation.

I could care less if she does make good on her threat about my son, since I have revealed it myself on STBINC, the reaction was exactly as one would expect.

With regard to what I write about anyone, I would tell you that I have documentary proof and would not be foolish enough to publish otherwise, indeed as you know you insist on it, this is why I sent the proof with the article and asked you to publish it. Not a secret, available to anyone who knows where to look.

If Mr Tatar has evidence disproving the allegations, he knows how to contact me. I have sent him many e mails asking for his help but to date received not one reply.

I am sorry that you have been the recipient of these e mails Malcolm but unless Ms Ibrahim can point out any inaccuracies, I stand by them.

Her allegations that you and I have some sort of financial arrangement is a figment of the imagination. I do hope when I eventually finish my book and you publish it, we will both benefit financially but until that day, can you lend me 200 lira until I get it back from someone who owes it to me.



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